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20 People Explain Why There Was No Second Date

Dating sucks. We all start out in that same place, and for a few of us, it pans out and we end up with a girl or boyfriend and the happiness sets in. For many others it’s a nightmare. It’s the awkward expectation vs. reality, I suppose.

You saw a girl online and when you meet her in public, you realize that her profile photo was taken 4 years and 35 pounds ago. You watch as she smashes down plates of food and talks about herself or worse…the ex-porn star Kim Kardashian. Ugh! No wonder Tinder is such a hit. Please read through the gallery to commiserate with these poor bastards, some might even sound familiar!


Disaster averted! Sounds like that dude didn’t like to wear his coat to the party, if you know what I mean. Seriously people, if on your first date someone drops news of kids, disease or ex-wives(plural) run for the door and never look back.

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