20 People Who Are Totally Confused About What “No Makeup” Means

On most days, women everywhere wake up and start their morning rituals. One that takes the longest is “getting ready.” This entails an hour long process locked in the bathroom applying different layers of facial products. Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, hair blowing and a half dozen other steps just to prepare for the day ahead.

Why do women do it? Hopefully it’s to make them feel confident in their beauty, but the real reason is that society demands it. The pressures are incredible. In this day and age on social media, nothing is left unscrutinized. We all notice the little things when celebrities post candid photos to make us feel like they are just like we are. You know, like when they say they are going without makeup and you can still see their eyeliner? The public loves these photos but apparently the celebrities are a bit confused as to what it means to go without make-up.

1. Selena Gomez


While we all know celebrities like Selena Gomez like to hit the Instagram filters hard to give their images a certain feel and relatable “realness.” We also know that when she claims she is running it without make-up, that she is full of beans. This photo clearly shows that she’s rocking eyeliner. Come on Selena…can’t fool us.

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