37 Of The Most Beautiful News Anchors On TV

One thing that you can bet on is that the more beautiful the news or weather woman is, the higher the ratings will go. Take our first profile. Chrissy Russo is a very mediocre weather woman in San Diego. Her banter is annoying, her giggles and flirting with guests is over the top and she often messes up the basics in her weather cast… but guess what? She’s the #1 weather person in that city because she is smoking hot. This post is dedicated to the ladies who keep us glued to the news because lets face it, its not what they’re telling us…its how they look when they tell us.

Chrissy Russo – FOX


This is Chrissy, she is the gold standard my friends.  As the weather girl for a local San Diego news station, she’s the talk of the town. The sports guys on the radio have a crush on her, the football players all want to date her and to top it off, her Twitter is gold.

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