25 FalseThings People Believe About The United States!

What is your opinion about the United States? Everyone has an opinion. Even in the same city, you will meet people who fall on extreme sides of the spectrum. From its foreign policy to the way it runs its domestic affairs, the United States often draws a look of flak from the rest of the world. Some of people will respond with, “I love America. People are great and it’s a beautiful country, “or they will respond with, “I would never go there, not even to visit. America is messed up.”

Even America’s own politicians can’t seem to stop talking about how messed up things are.

  1. Americans are ignorant about the world

We know a lot about their country because we listen to their music and watch their movies. Honestly, we never studied it.  Americans don’t even know that Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist anymore. But neither does half of the United Kingdom…and they’re on the same continent!

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