8 Steel Wool Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Steel wool is used by woodworkers who are working with varnish, paint and lacquer, or to clean porcelain or glass. Those aren’t the only things steel wool can do. This sharp bundle of steel fibers can be also used for many other things. You should be very careful when using steel wool.

You can use gloves or wear safety glasses when handling steel wool. For instance, when your drain is clogged by hair, just wrap a strip of steel wool around your drain stopper while you rinse your tub free of hair.

Glass surface is exposed to grime, grit and dirt, so you can use a steel wool to clean it. Wet your windshield and using the finest steel wool, scrub your glass clean. If you have holes in your walls, especially under your sink, use some steel to wrap around the pipe and block the hole.

If your tires are looking a little dingy, don’t spend the money to replace them. Instead buff them up using steel wool and WD-40 to make them look good as new. Also, you can use steel wool to tighten up a screw, get rid of scuff marks, start a fire or brighten up your sneakers.