Army Dad Watches His Son Become An Officer And Renders His First Salute!

Some families have a tradition for the kids to follow in their parents’ footsteps when they grow up. But when one or both parents are in the military, it’s normal for the kids to feel the same love and regard for their nation, and to have a desire to serve it in the same way. Obviously, this life isn’t for everybody, but it’s a beautiful moment in a military mother or father’s life to see a daughter or son commissioned into a military branch. The tradition keeps on, and one day, may continue with their children.

When Master Sgt. Marshall Rader witnessed his son becomes an officer in the US Army, we’re sure he was very proud. In any case, the soldier couldn’t be there in individual, and when he realized that, he attempted to find the most ideal approach to see the function on a live feed. He says he even paid three diverse internet providers to make sense of which one would give him the best service on the important day!

The fighter was excited to see the big moment in real time, regardless of the possibility that he was far away. In any case, the day wasn’t simply exceptional due to the swearing-in ceremony: the proud father got the chance to give his child’s first greeting!