Ashton Kutcher’s Baby Name Choice

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are expecting their second child together. Their first child is a girl by the name of Wyatt who is now 2 years old. As the due date for an expecting Mila closes in, the public is curious as to what the name of baby number two will be. Ashton appeared on Conan this week to discuss all things career to family. The subject of the new baby was a hot topic and Ashton revealed clues as to what the new baby will be called.

Luck for us, Ashton accidentally revealed the sex of the baby earlier this year.

Ashton and Mila have proven to be more relatable than most celebrity couples. Ashton lead what most consider a “normal” life until early adulthood, entering into fame late than most. Additionally, ┬áthe couples wedding rings are from, meaning they are either vintage or handcrafted by a artist. Now, as they discuss plans for their coming child. The conversation about the name of their coming child is one many of us can relate to. Ashton says he and Mila had agree on a name and now aren’t so sure. It’s a conversation most parents have experienced.

There is one name, however that Mila has nixed. Ashton revealed that he loves the name Hawkeye and would love it as the name of the new baby. He goes on to explain that Mila isn’t up for it. Saying, “Didn’t get across the Mila threshold. It came to the threshold but then it got knocked down.”

So, the world is left to wonder, what exactly the new baby boy will be named.