Awkward First Day Impression

Do you remember how awkward you were in high school? We certainly don’t like to remember those years of our life.

High school is hard enough for student as it is. The first day makes it even worse. After a long summer of living a carefree lifestyle, students are back in the classrooms for one more year of learning. However, for some unlucky students, that means being stuck with an equally awkward teacher.

Now, you probably remember those silly introduction activities from high school. Let’s face it, no one wanted to spend time reminiscing about their entire summer in front of their peers. However, that would be a blessing compared to what this teacher had in store for her students.

Instead of planning a simple get to know each other exercise, this teacher decided to put on a show. Yes, you read that correctly. This teacher decided to create her very own musical introduction to her class with hit songs. It’s painfully awkward. You can see it on every single students face.

Don’t believe us, check it out for yourself.