Baby Thrown 25 Feet Out Of Car Window Goes Home With Barely A Scratch!

The story below is unbelievable. It is one of those you need to see to believe…

Chynna Blaney was driving her car down the highway. Unfamiliar with the region, she neglected to stop at a posted sign, and entered the crossroad. A pickup truck crushed into Chynna. The auto was destroyed. Chynna looked down at her 6 month old baby’s auto seat and it was empty. The mom was sure her boy, Gabriel, was dead. The pickup truck driver, Angie Horler, then heard cries coming from a snow bank. Gabriel had been throw out 25 feet and landed directly into a patch of soft snow. When Angie saw him, he was facedown and covered in the snow. Unbelievably, he survived.

“I heard someone was crying, so I ran down into the forest. There was a baby lying in the soft snow. I took the baby, and I ran back over the hill,” Angie said WMTW. “They said that the child would have quit crying in a couple of minutes if no one would have found it.”

The mom and child were treated with at a nearby hospital and were ready to return home very soon. Authorities credit the baby’s survival to the point that the auto seat was set up properly by Chynna. Anyway, Gabriel’s dad thinks there was something divine at this.

“I think there was a ton of powers above keeping over Gabriel and Chynna at the time,” said the baby’s dad.