Before & After: Zack & Cody All Grown Up!

So you’re growing up fast and you wonder “Whatever happened to those kids on Zack N Cody?” You know that show you watched as a 6th grader in 2005. Well that was 11 years ago!! I know, you grew up…well they grew up too and ladies, buckle up, cause the boys got a following!

Cole Sprouse


Cole played the “good” brother on the show Sweet life… He was the cop of the family and always chose the righteous path over the evil path his brother always wanted to take. Unfortunately, the good twin always loses to the evil counterpart and that was the basis of the show. Today that nerdy good kid has grown up to be a handsome young actor in Hollywood. For the record, he’s not the brother whose nude shots hit the internet last year.

zack n cody1
2016 Photo:Instagram

Dylan Sprouse


Dylan played Zack, the the evil twin i was talking about. He’s the one who would pull the fire alarm or steal meals. he pushed his brother into crap and gave mom heart attacks. In real life, he was doing pretty good will he took a bunch of nude selfies and  they got leaked onto the internet in the famed ‘Fappening” scandal. Check what he’s up to on his hot Instagram account.

zack n cody
2016 Photo:Instagram