Blind Man And Friend With No Arms Plant 10,000 Trees Together!

Friendships are different, but actually, they are same. Friendship is about understanding, an acceptance and partnership of each other. Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia are two friends from a small village in Yeli, China, and their friendship is admirable.

While Wenqi was a kid, he lost his arms and 16 years ago, Haixia lost his vision. Their disability didn’t stopped Wenqi to carry Haixia on his back across the river. They were planting trees into the woods around their village for the past 13 years. Together, these two friends planted around 10,000 trees.

Wenqi says of Haixia, “He is my eyes, I’m his hands.” Most of us probably understand that. These two friends are different, but they have the same spirit. Two of them are joyful and strong, and despite their disabilities, they have given the Earth so much by planting lots of trees.