You Have a Blind Spot in Your Eyeball

Giving whole new meaning to the expression, “Are You Blind!?” We all have a blind spot.

This is big news for me. I have a blind spot. So do you. I’m not talking about a car. Assuming you have vision to start with, your eyes are also equipped with a blind spot, a spot where you do not have vision, one in each eye. I didn’t know this. I am well aware of the blind spot in my car. Once or twice I’ve merged lanes prematurely in an apparent disregard for the fact that I have a blind spot to begin with. “How on earth could there be a car there!? I didn’t see it.” After doing that once or twice, one quickly learns to check their blindspot when maneuvering a vehicle. Well apparently the human body is also equipped with a blindspot. We “drive” ourselves around everyday and apparently the vehicle that is the human body, has a definite blindspot.

This video tells of a blind spot in the human eye. We all have them. Essentially your eye is equipped with peripheral vision except in the spot where it “connects” to you head. We can turn our eye side to side and notice a very wide range of vision. The video will show you a trick that takes advantage of the human blind spot to create an optical illusion. You will also be able to locate the spot in your vision where your blind spot exists. It easy to assume that you are seeing everything that you are directing your vision at. Take a moment and look at the nearest wall. You’re not seeing the whole wall. Well, not exactly. Each of our eyes has a blind spot but when they work together, they help each other make up for that spot where they other lacks vision. ┬áThe video can explain better: