Bullies Make Fun Of Teen’s Prom Dress, Then It Goes Viral In The Best Way!

Tayja Jones – a 17 year old girl from Pottsgrove High School had her first prom night. She was very excited about that magical night and about her outfit. At first, everything was magical. She was very satisfied with her dress and her look.

When she walked with her date and started her first dance, her friends were very impressed and started screaming. And then, her beautiful night was undermined by bullies since she uploaded a picture online. The next morning, her friends called her immediately. For a terrifying reason the picture had gone viral. Tayjna’s weight was bullies target. They made fun of her saying she was too big for the dress. Her dress wasn’t provocative or strange, and Tayjna looked beautiful. But the cruelty seemed unending.

“There were too much negative comments and rude remarks about my look. That dress wasn’t for me and how fat I am. I didn’t know those people,” said her. “I was so satisfied the day before prom, and now, everything was changed. It was very hurtful.”

After an amazing night, her spirit was beaten down, and she remembered everything wrong: everything was a lie – she didn’t have a magic night and she wasn’t beautiful. Except of negative comments, there were also the positive ones that defend her.

Tayja was happy about this comment: “We are perfect only for God. You not only bring down the person you are shaming but also yourself.”

This positive response helped her to attend next year’s prom. If you think that Tayja looked beautiful that night, share this story with your family and friends on Facebook!