Chuck Norris: The Man The Myth…The Legend

You Know these two celebrities separated by a hundred years. What if they shared the same time and space? I bet it would look something like this! This article is dedicated to the finest Chuck Norris-isms of all-time. Get ready to enjoy the finest Chuck Norris memes ever.


This could explain everything we didn’t know about global warming. Al Gore should have done a little more research and called up Chuck to explain it.


I once saw a Chuck Norris movie in the 1970’s when I was a little kid. I though he created Kung Fu for decades, then I grew up and found out he really did.



Imagine if you ever met Santa and it was Chuck Norris? I bet we would all get nunchucks and chinese throwing stars!  Or maybe we wouldn’t get anything except a swift punch in the mouth.


Norris appeared in a dozens of action films, including; Way of the Dragon. He played opposite of the legendary Bruce Lee and was soon dubbed the new king of the kung-fu movie.


Did you know Chuck served in the United States Air Force and has his own martial arts named after himself? True story, Chuck has  founded his own martial arts school called: Chun Kuk Do.


Norris made his acting debut in the Dean Martin film The Wrecking Crew. After that film he knew he wanted to be a movie star and started training with Bruce Lee in Los Angeles. Norris’ first major starring role was the epic film Breaker! Breaker!