Cute Cockatiel Sings A Beautiful Song While His Owner Plays Piano!

I really wanted my own pet while I was  a teenager, and not one to share with my whole family. I had a fish while I was young and after that I chose to look to the skies as opposed to the ocean for my next little buddy. I went to the pet store, brought home a delightful cockatoo, and quickly attempted to prepare it to whistle a tune. Figuring the song to The Monkees was sufficiently simple, I would spend hours in my room whristling the jingle to the little person, yet he never truly entirely got the indication.

In any case, I have a feeling the cute buddy in this clip would have no issue getting any tune he set his heart on. Sitting on his owner’s keyboard, the dark cockatiel begins the tune off with his unfathomably crisp whisle.

His name is Poko and the mixture originates from the Japanese animated classic, My Neighbor Totoro. In spite of the fact that he isn’t “singing,” it’s hard not to be impressed by the feathered sweetie’s capacity to duplicate the tune so superbly with such a smooth, dazzling tone.

I can genuinely say I’ve never heard anything like this from a bird, not to mention some other creature! The notes Poko can hit make him appear to be more similar to a living flute as opposed to an avian critter. Perhaps his people ought to consider taking this demonstration to the judges over on The Voice. I know I’d turn my seat for him!