Dad Does Voice Over on Makeup Tutorial

This is cracking me up. My sister and I recently got caught up in watching makeup tutorials on how to contour. How-to make up videos and contouring are a big trend right now. Companies like Younique, Avon,  and MaryKay, are trending more than ever. Its all pretty frightening, what makeup can do to the face. It’s as if we are living is some alternative reality.





These companies employ a multilevel marketing structure that encourages brand representatives to show makeup tutorials and build a team of stay-at-home ladies to help promote their own personal “store” or piece of the company pie. There are a number of ladies doing these tutorials to promote product sales and there are even more doing a bit of self-promotion YouTube videos in order to gain followers by showcases their talent in all things beauty. One of these YouTube makeup tutors with a rather significant number of followers, recently let her father do the voice over for her latest makeup tutorial video. His lack of knowledge about makeup quickly becomes apparent as he does his best to explain exactly what is going on.

Growing up I enjoyed dying my hair. I recall one time when my sisters weren’t home to help and I couldn’t yet drive to go meet with friends. I was bummed that my hair dye would have to wait. My dad stepped up to the plate and helped me out by dying my hair. This guy reminds me of him.

He does his best to show step by step what she is doing. “And I use this brush because it makes me look fancy.” “A girl can never have to many brushes.” “This was made from the tears of Elves.” Theres no telling who’s idea it was to do the voiceover but the results are absolutely hilarious. Whether the makeup tutorials are just a short lived trend or if they are here to stay is questionable. Only time will tell but for now, the only makeup videos I’ll be watching are the hilarious ones.