Devoted Wife Carries Double Amputee Husband In Viral Photo!

At the age of 24, Jesse Cottle while serving in Afghanistan was wounded by an IED and lost both his legs.

Jesse Cottle spent a few months in recovering adjusting to life as a double amputee and veteran. He started making appearances and going through the country, thanks to his new prosthetic legs. During this time he met Kelly, his future wife. She instantly feels deeply in love no matter his injuries.

He has no regrets as for the former marine. “I don’t think I would have met her, if I wouldn’t have stopped on that IED,” Cottle said.

After 4 years, Jesse and Kelly traveled to Boise, Idaho to spend time with their family. The photographer asked Kelly and Jesse if he could take some pictures of them without his prosthetic legs during their family photo session. They said yes. After the pictures were posted on Facebook, one photo became very popular.

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