Doctors Said He Couldn’t Swim, But This Little Boy Proved Them Wrong!

The first day when Cody was born, specialists told his parents that he wouldn’t survive the night. Luckily, Cody survived, yet he was determined to have an incurable disease that would ultimate take his legs and leave him not able to talk. When Cody was only fifteen-months-old, both of his legs were amputated and after three months, he was fitted for his first pair of prosthetic legs.

Regardless of what every one of the specialists said, Cody took well to his prosthetic legs, even getting a pair of running legs for him to practice in, and could talk superbly in spite of just having one vocal cord. After eight years, Oprah had him on her show – look at the video to see what he’s doing now.

After fifteen months, Cody was already defying expectations. He learned to talk and walked in his first pair of prosthetic. At the age of eight, Cody had taken up swimming and running, and love to display the fact that he’s different from everyone else.

Oprah remembers to the first time when she met Cody in her show in 2008. It is very touching to watch!

Cody comes jumping on set, very excited to meet Oprah, and the studio crowd is all on their feet to welcome this little boy. He even shows Oprah how he can bounce on his running legs!

Later in 2016, eight years after Cody came on Oprah as an energetic young boy. Also, at 14, Cody is as yet defying everybody’s desires of what he can and can’t do.

During his teenage years, Cody has taken up swimming more passionately than field and track. He’s also preparing for the Paralympics’ trials and had Michael Phelps come to one of his swim meets.

In spite of the fact that he’s driven, Cody still fights with his uncommon disease. In the past eight years, he’s had around 24 surgeries. But in spite of his every day struggles, Cody still prepares hard and works towards his fantasy of one day turning into an anesthesiologist.