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Why Doggy Day Care Is The Happiest Place On Earth

Doggy Daycare can seem like a scary option to new pet owners but the truth is, most dogs have the best time ever! The social interaction and constant exercise seem like your pooch is on a vacation. Check out these 5 images of why you need to enroll your furry friend into a daycare for at least one day a week!

Nap time




When is the last time you saw your dog all snuggled up with another pooch? This photo shows two friends enjoying the slide, maybe not how it was intended, but one could argue that this is better than anything you expected.

Chillin With The Homies




Your dog is a social, pack oriented creature and while you think he or she may get enough of that from you at home, the truth is that they want to wrestle, play and kick it with other dogs as often as possible.

They Get An Education




It’s not everyday that a person can come over to your house and start reading your dog a book. In Doggy Daycare, not only does your pet get a great playtime, naptime and food time, the get an extra perk of educational reading time. What’s not to like!

New Friends




Ok, so making new friends isn’t what you thought would happen, but sometimes, there’s no knowing who your dog is going to meet. Sometimes the old timers will take to a new pup and escort them around the premises. Other times it’s just a random happening where two personalities just click.