Emma The Miracle Pig Inspires Farmer And Wife To Have A Baby!

Since John and Molly Chester brought Emma the pig onto their ranch, she wasn’t very healthy. After she got pregnant, lots of people said they would be fortunate if Emma could give birth to only six piglets.

When that day came for Emma, something strange happened. Firstly, there were six piglets… then eight… then 10… and at the end 17. Emma had 17 babies, 13 of which would survive. And that was the first miracle.

Not long after Emma gave a birth, she fell into a troubling fever around 102 °F. Things looked critical. John and Molly tried everything, and when they got the fever down, Emma refused to eat. So they did the only thing they could, they started to pray. They put Emma her 13 babies close to her. They were saying her all the time that she was their mom. As the piglets started to suckle for milk, it was like something in her was touched off. It was as she was restored. That was the other miracle.

“Anyway if I hadn’t seen this with my eyes, I would have never trusted it,” said John. Emma climbed onto her feet and guided her babies. She raised them to be healthy and big pigs. One day, she needed to say goodbye as her 13 kids were taken to their own pasturages. Emma’s heart was broken. But that was until she met a hen named Red.

Emma turned into the rooster’s surrogate mother and finally, she surprised John and Molly with her flexibility and nurturing soul. She inspired the couple that they realized, if Emma could raise 13 piglets and one hen, and then perhaps it was a time they make a plans for their own family.