Emmanuel Sanders Loves this NFL Bad Lip-Reading Video


There’s a lot of passion and emotion in sporting events. Between the agony of defeat, the stress of those high pressure moments and simply all the noise, there is a lot of self-expression. The NFL is the ultimate stage for yelling, screaming and general panicked or passionate communication. Televised games are constantly supplemented with the camera taking to a close up of a player or coaches face. Usually it’s an intense moment of either celebration or absolute agony. Whatever the case, emotions run high. It’s the emotional connection to their favorite team that keeps fans engaged and interested in what’s going on with their team.

Whatever the original base of fan-hood, it is kept relative and well fueled with the emotional connection that is developed. These camera shots of players and coaches faces show that true, intense emotion that is so human and so relatable. It keeps fans engaged. We are left to wonder what exactly they are saying. It’s context clues that tell us if they are happy/ mad/ sad/ or just plain excited but we are still left to fill in the blanks.

Emmanuel Sanders of the Denver Broncos recently posted a version of this video on his Facebook page. He said, “LMAO right now! Who makes these? Whoever you are – can you please include me in the next one?”  I had to check it out and I was laughing all the same. I guess you don’t have to be an NFL player (or even a fan of Football) to enjoy this collaboration of “Bad Lip Reading” of NFL players and coaches. I’m with Emmanuel though, who makes these?! Someone has taken the time to piece together and voice over a ton of various clips spanning across all different NFL players, teams and coaches. We no longer need to wonder what they are saying.  Whoever made this has come up with the most ridiculous quotes that match the lip-sinking perfectly. For your enjoyment: