Five Tree House You Can Rent For Your Next Vacation


1. Secluded InTown Tree House, Atlanta, GA

Good luck getting ahold of this one. This Atlanta Georgia rental was just name AirBnB’s most desired listing. The quaint tree house is something out of a fairytale. I’d expect to open up a floor board and disappear into some sort of blissful candy filled other world. The owners Katie and Peter built the backyard oasis in a grove of trees. You’ll feel secluded even though you’re smack dab in the middle of Atlanta Georgia. Kudos for them for maneuvering strict US building codes to pull this one off. This tree house is straight off the Pinterest board. Check it out.







2.┬áCozy TreeHouse in Monte Verde – MG (Brazil)

This tranquil wooded area is an amazing escape in Brazil. A quaint space with limited photos of the inside. It looks like your stay comes complete with a bottle of Vino, what more could you ask for.

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3.TREE HOUSE, Manuel Antonio/ with great pool !!!, Costa Rica, $52/per night

A prime place to nature watch. This little gem is tucked away in the middle of the rain forest. The host says its the ideal spot for watching monkeys and sloths hangout. Complete with a tranquil pool, you won’t want to leave this Costa Rican Oasis. I’m going for the some purpose of drinking coffee on that deck.

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4.TREEhouse/casaBARTHEL, Florence, Italy

This spot is located among a grove of olive trees. Experience a full immersion in the Italian lifestyle. The recommend you avoid wifi unless absolutely necessary. The idea here is to fully emerge in all that is Italy.

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5.Redwood Treehouse Santa Cruz Mtns., California

This one is located in the Redwoods. Find yourself lost in the woods of the ancient trees of California. With a bit of a rustic touch and hiking trails right outside, this could be a great adventure getaway.

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