Funny Boy Stares Down a Camera on National Television!

I think this kid is going to be my next hero. This kid notices that the cameras are pointed at him while watching the college league baseball game. And rather than smiling or waving, just look at his face! This is the most terrible thing he could do: look precisely into the camera. On national television in live. Watch this video and smile.

Who’s the best part of this video? The boy that commits so much to this or the cameraman that won’t stop zooming in on his face.

Even they cannot deny this child’s hilarious.

Definitely I’m a big fan of the transition. Firstly he starts with a blank look (the challenge was accepted by cameramen), then menacingly he narrows his eyes, and later, they flash back to him he’s dancing just for the camera.

The best part is his mom when she realizes what’s going on.

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