Ghost Ship Found Floating At Sea With It’s Mummified Captain!

In late February, a listing yacht, half under water was found 62 miles off the Philippine coast. When two native fisherman entered the ghost ship, they found the vessel still had a captain. When they approached the captain, they were shocked to find a mummy!


Photo: Yahoo

The captain had apparently died sometime in the previous 7 years and he and his vessel were floating around the oceans like something out of the Flying Dutchman tale. The German sea captain has since been identified as Manfred Fritz Bajorat, an avid sailor who had been sailing around the world for over 20 years.



His ex-wife had left him in 2008 and later died in 2010 of cancer. Since that time, Manfred had sailed the seas in a depression. Friends say nobody had seen him since 2007. It is believed that he may have died from a heart attack as he was found sitting at his radio table, apparently trying to call for help.