Heavy Metal Band Disturbed Stuns With A Simon & Garfunkel Cover On ‘Conan’!

In 2015, when the heavy metal group Disturbed recorded a song Simon and Garfunkel for their album, the band had no clue about the result.

They gain numerous new fans, and also they received complimet from the incredible Paul Simon personally. As indicated by front man David Draiman, the performer offered him fame for recording “The Sound of Silence,” which Simon composed somewhere around 1963 and 1964.

Also, Simon also shared on his Facebook a link of Disturbed’s Conan performance calling it “superb.” You can see that their performance has more than 2 million views on Conan O’Brien’s YouTube page. (And more than 33 million views on The official music video). Once you hear it, probably you will understand the publicity.

“When the first musician personally gives his adoration and compliments you on what you have done, when our whole goal was to pay homage amongst the most creative and talented lyricists ever, it’s genuinely overpowering and unimaginably surreal, and a big shock. We couldn’t even imagine for a more positive result,” he told Fuse. “It’s lovely to know that he loves it.”

In this video you can watch as the group sings on its own way this popular song.

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