The Heckler Who Stepped Up And Made The Crowd Go Wild

So if you’ve been living under a rock, you know this week is Ryder Cup mania in the golf world. Well everyone is heading out to the course on the practice days and there’s definitely no shortage of hecklers in the crowd. Well take a look at this awesome video taken from social media where Rory McIlroy was upstaged by a heckler in the gallery at the Ryder Cup Thursday morning.

After Rory missed a putt multiple times a heckler called him put saying that even he could make that putt. Well, Rory and his playing partner Henrik Stenson laughed and found the guy and invited him out onto the green to put his money where his mouth is, and show everyone how it’s done.

As the crew was making some jokes, Pro golfer Justin Rose even made the bet sweeter when he put up $100 if the heckler could make that putt. As the schlubby golf fan walked out onto the course in his baggy denim and HOUSE SLIPPERS, he made a joke, stepped up and drained the 12 footer like it was his job! The crowd went wild and he got high fives from the pros and cheers from the gallery in this weeks best viral video clip!