Hero Biker Crew Saves The Life Of An Abused Teenage Girl!

A young lady known as “FA” was once extremely friendly, brave and adventurous. Unfortunately, when she was 10, her step father started abusing her. FA stopped resting, stopped eating and even began taking shower with her clothes on. She was living a bad dream, and her mom, known as “Mother Duck” somehow realized what was going on. She could kick her spouse out, but her little girl wasn’t the same.

That is how FA and Mother Duck came to know the Bikers against child abuse (BACA), a non-benefit association that attempts to make a more secure environment for abused kids and their families. Tired of living in fear, Mother Duck and FA found help from these leather-clad protectors. One day, the motorcade — led by a man Tombstone — rolled up and took in the scared, abused girl into their family.

FA remembers the first occasion when she saw the BACA group roll up to her home. “Lots of bikes everywhere,” she says. “And these huge, tall men and they were in their vests and their boots, enormous beards and strong looking ladies. They looked exceptionally intense.” But it didn’t take very long for FA to understand that these bikers were her protectors. “It was amazing to see my little girl for the first time nearly in 3 years, peaceful,” says her mother.

Since that day, nobody was going to come into the house and abuse her again. FA’s step dad was put away in prison and Tombstone and his team kept taking her to classes and ensuring she was safe and cheerful.

It’s unbelievable to see an association that totally disproves stereotypes, and shows us never to judge a book by its cover.