Hilarious Dog Adopts a Baby Opossum!

Poncho and Huntu will melt your heart. Right after his mom had been killed by a car on the highway, Poncho the opossum was found clinging to his mom’s side. Poncho seemed all alone and probably to die, if it wasn’t Hantu the German Shepard. Hantu took the baby animal under his wing and essentially adopted Poncho. After two years, these two are still best friends. It’s very touching when you see them together.

Basically, Hantu became the mother that Poncho lost, helping to nurse the poor animal back to health. Because Hantu doesn’t have her own puppies, Poncho became her only one.

Even after two years, just look how close they are. Hantu very rarely goes for a walk down in the woods without Poncho by her side – which is now much more interesting with Poncho gotten very big.