Horse Gives Birth To Miracle Twin Foals!

At Oregon State University, students at the College of Veterinary Medicine witnessed a miracle – the birth of Cappuccino and Mocha, twin foals. Dr. John Schilpf had been working for 30 years and that was his second time to see something like that. The chances of twin foals being born alive is 1 in 10,000 and the chances of surviving the first 2 weeks is one in 15,000.

The two males, Cappuccino and Mocha, were unable to nurse from their mom and therefore were not accepting the vital amount of colostrum, and the hospital provided them plasma, lots of TLC and antibiotics. Students from the community college and the students on the CVM Foal Team provided all day feeding and care of the foals.

After one week, Mocha was smaller than his twin and was being treated for angular limb deformation, while Cappuccino was frisky and adventurous foal. His health condition was good and he was even attempting to run. “He’ll always be the littler horse but should have normal limbs with bandaging,” say Dr. Trina Westerman.

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