Kelly Clarkson’s First Audition

American Idol has aired for 15 seasons and finally came to a close in April of 2016. Kelly Clarkson was the first winner of American Idol in its debut season in 2002. Kelly auditioned in Dallas, Texas. She sang Express Yourself by Madonna. Her audition was fun and playful with she and Randy swapping spots as he took his turn “auditioning” as a contestant on the show. It was all fun and games as Kelly waited to hear if she would in fact make it to Hollywood. Her calm and seemingly carefree persona is contagious and she doesn’t seem nervous at all.

She’s a cute 20 year old who’s very excited to be on the show. Her outfit is unique. She is wearing jeans and a denim shirt that she crafted herself from a pair of old jeans. She tells Ryan Seacrest that her fall back plan is to become a fashion designer… if this whole American Idol gig doesn’t pan out. So much for needing a fall back plan.

Kelly went on to win that first season. Her show stopping performance of A Moment Like This was the performance that won the contest. That song immediately became my, and a nation of Clarkson fans, go-to song to sing in the shower. “Some people search forever for a moment like this…for that one special kiss, oh I can’t believe it’s happening to meeeee…..” You know the tune. It became radio hit shortly after the show ended and was a catapult for Clarkson’s career.

Since the show in 2002, Kelly has been very busy. She has been the headline for seven tours and created more than 10 albums. She maintains a classy and dignified presence. She married Brad Blackstock in 2013 and resides in Nashville. She’s the All-American, girl next door and it will be fun to see what the future holds for Kelly.

Check out this video of her very first audition with American Idol. It set the course for her career and life: