Lazy or Genius? You Be The Judge

You ever see a person who you think is just a lazy bastard, but then you watch them for a minute and you realize that they have the same mad genius that Einstein had, except they are dumber and don’t have a High School degree.But they are genius in the way they work hard to avoid real work. This is a glimpse into the mad genius we find on the internet.

Popcorn Guy



This guy has mad game. He was tired of getting bowls for his popcorn and having to clean up all the small bits that would fall all over the place. Now you know what’s up! Hooded Sweater popcorn! Somebody get that patent ASAP!

Tinder Chick



So maybe this chick really had a tinder but after weeks of not finding anything worth swiping for, she changed up her approach. I don’t really know for sure but that’s what I have come up with so far.

Broke Coffee Shop Guy



I always appreciate the small things about my day. Could be some nice flowers or a buzzing beehive. But some days it’s just the coffee shop clerks signage. I could part with a buck just to show appreciation for his moxie.

Snarky College Student


This is going to be a nightmare for people. I really love my old plug in earphones. I can find them easy because there are wires everywhere. I have nothing but mad-love for you old head-phone and head-phone jack…We will always be down.

Broke as a Joke




Hey bro, is that the new Iphone? This guy is the walking definition of ghetto fabulous! The other day I borrowed my wifes huge Iphone 6+. I’m pretty sure I could smuggle enough illegal things in that huge phone to buy a house, that things so big!

Clever Drunk



This guy is a genius for sure! I mean, i’m pretty positive that the card was well received but didn’t help him escape DUI charges, but the cops must have got a good laugh out of it!