Little Free Library Shares Note From Grateful Patron Who Learned To Read At 42!

Todd Bol, a Wisconsin man, wanted to surprise his mom by building a small library and placing it in the yard. Because his neighbors were amazed with that idea, he remained to build some more libraries for their home yards.  Firstly, there were names like “House of Stories” or “Habitat for Humanities”, but at the end they chose the name Little Free Library.

Nowadays, you can see hundreds of these yard libraries through the whole world. Every of them are built by a volunteer who builds their libraries and hopes that those libraries can encourage people to find the joy and happiness of reading. One day, when a woman from New Orleans placed her library in front of the house, she never expected that something beautiful was waiting for her between the books.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Andrew Carnegie donated 2,509 libraries everywhere through the world, but this program has exceeded that amount by ten times.

Each library was made from recycled goods.

And one day, while Kalpana Saxena was checking her own box, she found a note that made her cry.

The beautiful message was written by a 46 year old man, who learned to read 4 years before thanks to her public library.

Kalpana was touched by the message, and even shared the latter on her page. Unbelievably, she wasn’t the only one that taught someone to read.

It’s not only wonderful to see how much happiness can bring a simple act of kindness, but the fact that this man learned something new after many years.