Loyal Dog Stands Guard When Owner Passes Out!

If you have any uncertainty with regards to the dedication a puppy has to his or her owner, this you must see this video. It’s really an amazing sight.

When this dog’s owner fainted in the middle of a road in Guizhou, China, his loyal dog declined to walk out and leave him. As you can see, this dog took on people-like levels of confidence and loyalty. Here was this man, laying unconscious and sprawled out on the road, with his faithful dog friend standing directly over him. Whenever if somebody got near, the canine would bark and get defensive — and even when police and rescue workers came to take his owner to the hospital.

When the ambulance doors are about to close, his little canine continues to run around in circles and stare up at the door until they let him inside to watch over his best buddy. He knew his owner was in there, and he wasn’t going to let him go alone! Thankfully, they finally let him into the vehicle to stay by his owner.

It’s nothing unexpected this footage became famous after it was posted online with three million views.

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