The Many Sad Fates of Mr.Toledano

What happens when art blurs the lines of our deepest human fears? Recently Phil Toledano, a prominent Manhattan photographer, took his creative side to probe the depths of some of his deepest fears after taking care of his ailing father who ultimately passed away of dementia. As Toledano grappled with all the feeling a person can have after the loss of a parent, he felt driven to start a project that would help, he hoped, expunge the fear of his own unknown fate. As he realized just how quickly life can change in the blink of an eye, he set out to document his own life, but not his real life but ones that could happen in a strange “What If” way.

The documentation is astounding and the story of his project is told in brutally honest and touching detail as Toledano confronts his biggest fears in a way that is so uniquely original, it leaves the viewer transfixed at his metamorphosis. Viewers will watch as Toledano becomes a cast of future versions of himself — homeless Mr. Toledano, obese Mr. Toledano, criminal Mr. Toledano, stroke victim Mr. Toledano, suicidal Mr. Toledano — These images all required in depth make-up to accomplish. Watch as people around him wonder if he’s falling into madness or if he is healing his broken spirit in this amazing short film.