Meth Heads Found Living In Secret Room In Wal Mart…For Two Years!


Let me ask you this: If the zombie apocalypse ever happens where would you want to be? A desert island? A remote mountain village? Nope, Ive always thought that I want to be locked into a secure Walmart or a Costco. Think about it, all the things you could ever need for at least a couple years or until the zombies or packs of survivors kill you for the goods. Anyway, that leads into this gem of a tale.

Some meth heads didn’t want to wait for the zombie apocalypse and were recently discovered living in a secret attic area of a Walmart store in Memphis Tennessee. The Police report:

“I don’t mean to laugh, but these people really got one over on Walmart. In the attic, we recovered 2 pounds of meth they had somehow produced on a hot plate. They also managed to get food, drinks, mini refrigerator, a big screen TV, surround sound system, bedroom set, hangers, clothes… I mean, if Walmart sells it they had it. These people were living good. They even managed to splice into the satellite TV wire and ordered NFL Sunday ticket!”


48-year-old Wilbert Thomas and his terrible looking 54-year-old meth wife Ingrid Malone, had been living above the store for over two years.

So how ere they found out? Well that’s just as wild as the rest of this story…the couple was discovered when employees in the break room heard banging from above. Apparently the couple was engaging in intercourse loudly and raised suspicion among the employees.

Truth is stranger than fiction folks.