Miami-Dade Police on Facebook Live Should be Viral

Watch this police department go live in what SHOULD be the kind of police videos going viral.

The world is adapting to one of the newest forms of social media. A byproduct and another piece of the incredibly invasive puzzle that is Facebook, Facebook Live. It’s been available for a few months now and the world is still adapting to its uses. New social norms associated with the feature are developing. I’m still trying to figure out how to make “cool” snapchat videos, but that subject is for another time. In the past few weeks I’ve seen many police departments taking to Facebook live to promote transparency and communicate in real time to the public.

A recent season of police brutality and scapegoating, police departments are increasing efforts to regain trust within the communities that they serve. We are in a delicate social time and police departments are responding with appropriate grace (in most cases). Most of the Facebook live videos I’ve seen involving police have been to quickly address real time issues that have arose in a community. A saving-face, or public announcement is usually the subject. Well today I came across an amazing FB live video by the City of Miami-Dade police department.

A team from the Miami-Dade police department participated in a talent show in support of ┬áthe Miami-Dade PAL or Police Athletic League and arts education. The PAL is a non-profit organization that makes effort to connect Miami’s police officers with youth in the city. They want to connect Officers and city youth in a positive relationship to establish trust in police officials, reduce crime and influence for the general good of the community. Other police departments should take note! Check out their very rehearsed dance routine in support of their community. Their hilarious dance moves are what should be trending!