Neglected Poodle Gets Rescued, Then Makes A Stunning Transformation!

Recently, a non-profit animal organization Hope For Paws, received a call about a badly matted poodle living on the streets of Los Angeles. The canine, now known as Dolly, was absolutely terrified of human contact, huddling in fear behind an electric box under the hot sun. Every time Eldad would get close, she’d bark and growl. Her rescuers were shocked to see her trapped under layers of thick, matted fur. At first, they couldn’t even tell if she was a boy or girl. “No one will ever hurt you again,” they promised her.

The second they put Dolly into their auto, be that as it may, she’s on a way to start a new life. Subsequent to accepting her first grooming in what could be everlastingly, the color of her fur goes from brown to a beautiful blonde, and long gone are the inches of matted fur.

In this video, you can see Dolly satisfied and healthy in her loving home. She smiles, she plays, and she accepts love wholeheartedly. What a beautiful change made possible by Hope For Paws and The Forgotten Dog Foundation.