Nirvana Or Hell? See Hawaii’s Terrifying 4000 Stairs To Heaven

There is a pathway so dangerous that the city has now made it illegal to use. That should give you some idea of how treacherous the Haiku Stairs, or as they are better known, “4000 stairs to Heaven” are. The pathway was originally built during World War II to access a radio antennae on top of the local mountains.

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Due to some hikers being injured and killed, the city of Honolulu closed the path and even had a security guard at its entrance to keep climbers away.But for adventurers and thrill seekers, that’s not enough to keep them away.


The steps on the trail were once made of wood but were replaced in the mid 1950’s. Now the trail has long sections of slippery metal steps and ramps that take climbers up 2,500 vertical feet in just under 4000 stairs.


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