Photographer Shows The Beauty Of Freckled Faces!

Probably you’ve heard lots of myths about those with red hair and freckles. Once, it was believed that those people were dirty, they didn’t have feelings, or they were evil. The expression “redheaded stepchild” doesn’t originate just like that.

Even today, those people with red hair and freckles are treated as less attractive than the people who don’t have freckles. But, a photographer, Brock Elbank is catching something that is very often taken for granted: the glamour of freckles.

Elbank is searching for women and men with freckles to make incredible portraits that show exactly how fascinating they can be. Elbank trusts that his task will demonstrate that the inverse of ordinary isn’t unusual or strange, it’s incredible. Freckles may not be the most ordinary characteristics we find in individuals and that is precisely why they ought to be loved nor detested.

“I receive more messages saying that many individuals have battled with freckles as a kid and now they’ve learned to live with them,” Elbank said to BBC. “I never comprehended why individuals don’t like them. I love unusual. I love rare individuals. More people, the better for me.”