Simone Biles and Zac Efron’s Adorable Flirtation

If you’ve been keeping up with Zac Efron and Simone Biles flirtation, then it’s time to get excited.

If you aren’t familiar, Simone Biles is the 19 year old Olympic gymnast that you’ve gotta look out for. Simply put, she’s absolutely amazing. Recently, Zac Efron and Simone Biles have been participating in a little bit of Twitter flirtation.

Last night, Biles and Efron finally got to meet. Check out this adorable picture of Zac and Simone that we’re going crazy for. Biles was so giddy that she told Today, “If you bring him out, I think I’m gonna pass out.”

Zac Efron has been very enthusiastic about the U.S. Olympic gymnast team and was just as stoked to meet Simone. Heres to hoping that something comes out of this adorable flirtation!