Son Gets Cubby House Makeover After Dad Passes Away!

Zach is a 4 year old little boy with an amazing spirit. His mom is helping him to get through one of the hardest times of their lives. Zach’s dad had a cancer and he passed away recently. With so many problems, it’s very easy to forget on some little things. Zach’s cubby house was one of those little things. The corroded old thing is the place Zach loves to play, yet it isn’t maturing great.

His mom wanted to set it up and move it to the garden, but it was too heavy and she needed someone to help her. Adam and Jason are builders in Better Homes and Gardens and they chose to makeover Zach’s cubby house. The new cubby house will give Zach a little happiness in that hard moment for the entire family.

Jason and Adam totally rebuild the cubby house. Now the playhouse has an awning, an obstacle course, grass and a slide. Just look at Zach’s happy face and his pleasant reaction. He really needed a surprise like this.