Stranger’s Act Of Kindness For Little Boy With Special Needs Goes Viral!

Ashley England wanted to celebrate Labor Day weekend with her family in a restaurant. Every parent knows that taking children to a restaurant can be very hard, but Ashley is a very proud mother of a boy with special needs. Going to a restaurant can be very challenging to her family.

8 year old Riley was getting a little too rowdy during the dinner. Riley started raising his voice, hitting the table and throwing things, and his mother could tell he was bothering some of the guests seated near them. His son suffers from epilepsy and because of that he has seizures.

When Ashley saw a waitress approaching to the table, she thought the worst – complaint about Riley. But it wasn’t like that. The waitress had a note in her hand and tears in the eyes.

“I’ll try not to cry, but another guest has paid your bill left a note for you,” said the waitress.

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Riley is a kid with special needs. He has suffered from a severe form of epilepsy since he was a baby, and that causes him seizures. A beautiful gesture was about to touch his family forever.

Riley and his family went to dinner at a restaurant in North Caroline. When Riley began acting rowdy, Ashley, his mother prepared for the worst.

And suddenly, a waitress approached their table with a note in her hand from a stranger. Ashley started to cry because the stranger paid their meal.

“I was surprised by this gesture, and I really needed something beautiful at the moment,” she said. This touching story went vital very fast.

Whoever was the stranger, Riley wanted to see his note of appreciation. This is another proof that small things can have bid impact.