The Amazing People Of WalMart

The people you see at some malls range from lowbrow to hifalutin but at Wal Mart you can always guarantee the lowest common denominator of human being will be roaming the aisles looking for the cheapest bad food, booze in bulk or shotguns perhaps. Whatever the reason, The people are some of the trashiest you will ever come across, take this gallery for instance. I had to delete over 40 photos that were too inappropriate for the web! These are the “normal” customers!

This Dudes Hair Is Incredible…He Hasn’t Changed It In Decades


The amazing hair on this guy tells one story and his shirt just makes that story all the more cool. They’re both very outdated! He surely has been wearing both of these styles for at least the last 30-40 years, if not longer. But hey, long live the king right! Boom!

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