These Hilarious Triplets Sing About Their Lives In The Classic MGM Musical ‘The Band Wagon’

Although Singin’ in the Rain is considered as a standout amongst the most exciting films ever, the Golden Age of Hollywood-era studio giant, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer made a few other musical films that ought to be pretty much as regarded.

Obviously, the popularity of a film has a lot to do with more than only the film itself. What’s happening on the planet, the economy, everything down to the price of gas can have huge outcomes on a film’s prosperity! Despite the fact that The Band Wagon had an absolute all-star cast of characters, and its memorable songs were some of the best ever, the film simply didn’t do well in the cinema world.

Despite the fact that the film wasn’t a film industry hit, it was at last chose by the Library of Congress to be protected forever because of its social and historical significance. After some time it has become a significant faction taking after, and today, the film is positioned by the American Film Institute at a respectable seventeenth place in the list of “Best Musicals of All Time.”

What’s more, when you watch this amusing little scene from the film, you’ll see why such a large number of individuals are starting to give it the appreciation it deserves. With Fred Astaire, Nanette Fabray, and Jack Buchanan dressed up in small infant outfits, we couldn’t keep down our giggling at exactly how silly they all look!

On top of the stunning outfit and dance number, the song itself is truly amazing and really indicates how unpleasant triplets have it. Thank goodness individuals are keeping this film safe forever!