This Little Boy Just Had His First Heartbreak, And His Reaction Is Adorable!

There is always someone who can break our heart. That one could be our girlfriend or boyfriend. Do you remember your first heartbreak? Was it at the school or in the kindergarten? So, the 4-year-old Milo is getting out about heartbreak for the very first time, despite the fact that his mother is attempting to convince him differently! Poor little person, he’s so sweet! Watch the video to see his cute response.

So…Milo really likes Emily, however another kid has begun calling Emily on the telephone.

It’s shocking.

In spite of the fact that Milo’s mother tries to convince him that it’s alright for children to have lots of companions and that Emily still likes him regardless of her new companion, Milo isn’t in condition to listen to that reason. His heart is broken!

His crying is very heartbreaking; however the badly part is at the end when he says: “Yet I don’t care for that she doesn’t call me any longer!”

Yes Milo, you’re right!

We hope Milo and Emily returned their friendship again!