This Little Girl Went Viral For The Sweetest Reason Ever!

Natalie and her daughter Adalia Rose posted a video online in 2013. The video looked very simple: Adalia is telling the camera how she and her mom were twins. To have a similar haircut to her daughter’s, Natalie Amozurrutia shaved her head.

Adalia Rose didn’t choose a shaved head just to look like a rock star, but she’s bald because she has a disease called progerie. Progeria is a very rare disease that affects only 1 in 20 million people. In children, the disease causes rapid aging and usually is diagnosed in their first or two year of life. Her disease makes her unique, and Adalia hasn’t stopped from being a little fighter girl.

The video of Natalie and Adalia became very popular, with amazing 10 million views on Youtube. Enlivened by her prosperity, Adalia made a Facebook fanpage and now has an incredible 14.6 million fans applauding her. Adalia posts recordings of herself dancing, singing, and simply being generally magnificent. Her fame on the web even caught the attention of big TV networks!

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