This Silly Baby Has The Most Funniest Reaction To Cranberries!

Disgust on his face can tell that this cute baby hates cranberries. That is ok, no judgment here. Yet, the question is… whether he hates these tart berries, why does he continue eating them?! This infant is hilariously torn and it is the sweetest thing we’ve seen throughout the day. Watch the video to see him.

The video begins with this sweet boy, Holden, enjoying cranberries out of a glass. But when he tries the berries, he looks completely repulsed.

That looks adorable!

It’s not exactly.

This child wants more. We don’t know why (possibly he think their flavor will change) however Holden continues asking for more cranberries!

It is very adorable to watch him. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family on Facebook!