Tony Hawk Does His Last Ever 900 At Age 48 (VIDEO)

Tony Hawk is action sports greatest legend. As a child prodigy in the 70’s-80’s, he was responsible for inventing over 50 tricks and starred in movies and videos; he became a household name. Then in the 1990’s, skateboarding changed as it left the skateparks and took to the streets. Hawk was no longer relevant and retired before the age of 30. Lucky for him a new festival started called the “X-Games” and Tony found a new format in which to compete and regain his lost exposure. Then “It” happened. One of the greatest moments in skateboarding and X-Games history. Heck, one of the great moments in sports history for that matter. Watch Tony Hawk attempt and land his first ever 900 below.

That single feat propelled Tony into superstardom and not only revitalized his career, it put him the man companies wanted to back. Since then he has had lucrative sponsorships from car companies, food makers and made millions from his popular video games. All the while Hawk has kept skateboarding and being one of the great sports ambassadors in all of sports. Last week he celebrated the 17 year anniversary of his first 900 with the last one he will ever attempt. Watch the battle, the slams and the victory over the trick that created a legend.