Touching Video: Partially Deaf Woman Hearing Music For The First Time In Years and 64 Audio have partnered up to create the world’s leading in-ear monitors which were first developed by the asius founder Stephen Ambrose. He initially designed the monitors to help musicians hear their music louder while they played onstage and though effective, he realized through the years that they were actually accelerating hearing loss of his clients like Stevie Wonder and Axl Rose. During a short time in the 1990’s Ambrose stopped manufacturing altogether and started the process on how to prevent hearing loss.

Here’s a quote from his website describing these new earbuds, “In partnership with 1964 Ears, Asius Technologies presents REALLOUD, the world’s first and only patented in-ear technology that safely delivers a louder, more spacious and richer sound – while avoiding the 77% increased risk of hearing loss from earbuds.”

In the amazing clip above we see a woman named Sesha Laughlin who has major hearing loss and hasn’t been able to listen to music clearly in years. Grab a box of tissues because you will shed a tear at her reaction.