Two Actors Stage A Child Bride Wedding To Raise Awareness Of The Very Real Problem With The Law!

While these two stands one next to each other beside the ocean, a photographer crouches down to get the ideal shot to remember this event.

Some people offer up their good wishes to the groom and bride on their wedding day, like there is nothing wrong with this photo.

But, in fact, there is something strange: the groom is old enough to be bride’s granddad, easily. This spouse barely knows what to make of her own body, which now belongs to the man who’s older.

Luckily, this wedding is produced, and this 12 year old young lady isn’t really marrying this man. There are 15 million young girls like her, each year, which go through all this. Some of these young girls are as young as 8 years old.

Probably you think that it cannot be legal. In some countries, for example, Lebanon, Bangladesh, India, and Nigeria this is well within the limits of the law.

One in three young girls in some countries  will be married to an older man before she turns 18, and a lot of them before they even achieve their adolescents. While their parents grant their approval, an older man can take a kid as his bride.

This hired characters playing a role of a kid bride and the older artist created this scene with KAFA Lebanon to bring attention of this very real and disgusting truth.

The laws in these nations should be changed right now, by 2050; 1.2 billion more young girls won’t have chances to live inviolate lives. While the topic of this video is irritating, it highlights an undeniable issue that should be addressed instantly.